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A successful drill campaign requires five important components.


It requires a team of experts that only years of experience can provide.


A modern drill fleet with the latest technologies in safety and performance.


The solid infrastructure needed to support efficient field operations.


A deep corporate culture of safety, environmental and communal responsibility.


To provide each of these requirements at an economically viable and competitive cost.

GLOBEXPLORE® consistently fulfills all of these requirements, and as a result, every client we have worked with has recommended our services and expressed their willingness to hire us again. Our outstanding track record and reputation sets us apart from the rest.


Reverse Circulation

500 HQ


Man-Portable Rigs

800 HQ

1,500 NQ


Diamond Core Rigs

1,500 HQ

2,400 NQ


Underground Drilling

800 HQ

1,400 NQ


We offer a variety of drilling platforms, including underground, track, truck, skid, helicopter and man-portable, to meet our client’s needs.

With the aim of achieving higher production rates and precision, we employ the most innovative technology to operate safely. We have pipe handlers, safety guards, emergency stop switches, and other cutting-edge devices to ensure a safe working environment.

Our deep-hole diamond core rigs can reach depths of up to 1,500 meters (HQ) and 2,400 meters (NQ). Our underground rigs have reached depths of 800 meters (HQ) and 1,400 meters (NQ). Our compact, man-portable rigs can handle complicated conditions and reach depths of 400 meters (HQ) and 750 meters (NQ) while minimizing environmental impact. We also excel in Survey, Directional, and Oriented Core services.


Our portable drilling rigs are compact enough to be easily transported by helicopter and taken to remote locations. Our expertise guarantees that our clients receive a complete high-performance service regardless of extreme conditions or place of destination.

With field experience, our teams have established a reputation for effectiveness and reliability.


Our Reverse Circulation fleet utilizes recent advancements to offer the industry’s smallest footprint, with a drill pad size as small as 6×8 meters, reducing costs and environmental impact compared to the commonly required 20×20 meter size.

The drills offer high power production capacity with depths up to 420 meters, while being equipped with modern features like automated rod loaders, breakouts, and remote control operations for increased sample production and reduced injury risk.

The self-propelled Track or Buggy rigs can move within their own footprint or laterally, providing quick movement between holes and better access to remote locations. The rigs tow their own high-output air compressors, which can be run up to 150 meters away, offering greater flexibility for drill targets. Ideal for infill, double wall RAB, mine services, and underground drilling.


Our experienced crews can operate various Directional Drilling equipment, including conventional mud motors and directional core barrels, to achieve your project goals using the most suitable method for your needs.

Directional Drilling can be used for several purposes and in all exploration phases.



We offer specialized drilling services that determine the sub-surface ground characteristics necessary for infrastructure development. Our methods are diverse and allow us to provide high-quality results, even in the most challenging and remote locations. Our track-mounted and man-portable drills are equipped with the latest tools to achieve our drilling targets and meet various interests.

We provide a range of services from soil sampling to standard SPT, and we can also install underground and surface sensors, piezometers, and perform packer tests to meet your needs.


In 2016 Globexplore® created Geosite, which is an industry first; that offers our clients on-site Mineralogy and Geochemistry using X-Ray Fluorescence and Hyperspectral technologies at the drill rig or core shack. This innovative breakthrough essentially provides our clients with an onsite lab showing real time analytics with objective and consistent logging of drill core and RC rock chip samples. This allows exploration and production teams to make quicker decisions while maximizing their budgets and accuracy of their drill programs.


  • On-Site analysis of Mineralogy and Geochemistry.
  • Results available with Intellicore via web service platform.
  • Mineralogy by Hyperespectral analysis of TERRACORE.
  • Geochemistry by X-Ray florescence (HHXRF) of OXFORD Instruments.
  • Core Logging via web service platform.
  • By Hyperespectral analysis.
  • On-Site processing immediatly after Core and RC sample.
  • Static administration of correlation values between mineralogy and geochemistry in one single platform Intellicore™.
  • Intellicore™ provides static administration of the correlation values between mineralogy and geochemistry in one single platform.
  • Simple data transfer to GIS´s of drilling information plus Mineralogy and Geochemistry for 3D mapping volumetric and dimensional value quantifications.
  • By X-Ray Fluorescence.
  • Qualitative and Quantitative.
  • Sample homogenization at the site for laboratory results comparison.
  • Elemental analysis from Mg to U (from light to heavy elements).
  • Results are expressed in gr/ton and/or %.
  • Exportable data to GISs and Intellicore™.


If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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