This Code of Ethics and Conduct outlines the company’s responsibilities, commitments, and expectations towards its stakeholders, including partners, employees, clients, suppliers, authorities, and communities, as well as what is expected from them. The guidelines described aim at achieving sustainable and ethical performance, encompassing the protection of human and labor rights within our internal community from all aspects of the business. As a socially responsible company, we provide favorable conditions for work activities, respecting and acknowledging the free expression of ideas and contributions from each of our collaborators. Adhering to these guidelines and embodying our values with the utmost attitude and willingness form the foundations to achieve the goals set forth in our mission and vision.



To provide drilling services supported by the best technology, specialized personnel, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. We offer high standards of quality, safety, environmental protection, and innovation, which contribute to better addressing the needs and interests of our stakeholders through providing solutions, generating economic benefits, and adding social value.


Position Globexplore Drilling as a leading mining drilling company with high standards of international competence for the quality of its drilling services. It is recognized for its integrity, performance in work, and sustainable management. We aim to be the prime business opportunity for investors.



We commit to acting with honesty and transparency, doing what is right even if it entails economic disadvantage for the business. We treat employees and business partners fairly and respectfully, always fulfilling our established commitments.


We deeply respect our customers, suppliers, internal community, and all with whom the company interacts. We consistently conduct ourselves ethically and considerately toward them.


We clearly communicate our policies and procedures to our stakeholders, consistently acting truthfully, transparently, and legally. We deliver the highest quality results, working efficiently and with a strong sense of responsibility toward our customers, suppliers, internal team, government, community, and other stakeholders.



Each department leader must provide all necessary resources to their personnel, objectively evaluate them, respect and acknowledge their achievements, and foster skill development, earning their respect through good treatment and trust. To carry out their tasks, employees should receive clear and precise information about their responsibilities per the job description for each role. Upon joining the company, they will also receive an orientation course and annual reorientation. It’s important to note that only individuals authorized by the Management may represent the company before clients and authorities, even in seminars, fairs, and exhibitions. Any instance of intolerance, be it discrimination, violence, or harassment of any kind, whether experienced or witnessed, should be reported to the Ethics Committee through the reporting channels described later in this Code.


The company regards its employees as individuals with integrity who will treated with dignity, fairness, and equity. A healthy and supportive work environment is maintained, enhancing their personal growth. Freedom of association and the right to organize collectively are permitted. We act according to internal values and policies, always respecting human rights and promoting kind and courteous treatment with our staff and residents in the communities where the company’s projects are located. Discrimination or inappropriate employee treatment based on political opinions, social background, race, religion, gender, age, nationality, sex, disability status, medical condition, or any other characteristic will not be tolerated.


For Globexplore Drilling, it is essential to emphasize that harassment in its various forms, such as mobbing, harassment, language, or behaviors that may be intimidating, discriminatory, and offensive, is not tolerated. Such behaviors are not allowed within or outside our workplace, and neither is any form of abuse or coercion towards staff nor an individual’s success dependent on favoritism or bribes.

Sexual harassment may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Preferential treatment or promises of special treatment in exchange for favors.
  • Displaying, exhibiting, or sending signals, objects, photographs, magazines, letters, or notes with pornographic and obscene messages.
  • Suggestive or degrading jokes or comments.
  • Unwanted physical approaches or lewd stares.

Any situation detected or of which one is a victim should be reported to the Ethics Committee, either in person or through the established communication channels.


The company expressly prohibits child labor in all its forms. We firmly believe that education is a cornerstone of our society, and we must all work harder in this regard. At Globexplore Drilling, we seek ways to promote the educational development of children within our families and the communities where we operate, with the goal of keeping them in classrooms.
As part of our commitment to prevent and eradicate child labor, we reject forced or compulsory labor, physical punishments, and child labor, thus respecting fundamental human rights. We require that no child labor be involved in the services provided to us within the value chain. We take responsibility for adhering to these hiring principles within our company and encourage our suppliers and contractors to align their actions to prevent and eliminate child labor.
As a testament to our dedication, our company is committed to providing our services in accordance with international standards.


Globexplore Drilling advocates and encourages ethical business practices, integrity, and collaboration with its stakeholders, expressly prohibiting illegal practices. The anti-corruption policy, disseminated throughout all company operations, is explained to employees to ensure compliance and prevent involvement in acts of corruption or conflicts of interest, regardless of their role. In the event that such situations arise, the use of reporting channels is encouraged to initiate an investigation. If it is proven that individuals involved are in violation of the law or internal policies, they will be subject to sanctions. or, if necessary, reported to the authorities.


Globexplore Drilling promotes and upholds ethical business practices, integrity, and collaboration with its stakeholders, explicitly prohibiting illegal practices. The anti-corruption policy, disseminated across all company locations, is explained to employees to ensure adherence and prevent engagement in corruption or conflicts of interest, regardless of their position. In the event that such circumstances arise, employees are encouraged to utilize the reporting channels to initiate an investigation. If it is substantiated that individuals are contravening the law or internal policies, they will face sanctions or, if warranted, legal action will be taken. This company has mechanisms in place that oversee and promote transparent and honest conduct, including the dissemination of the prohibition of illegal business activities by its employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders. Employees are not authorized to accept the purchase of products and/or services of illicit or questionable origin. Likewise, they are prohibited from using new materials in storage or returning from projects for personal sale and/or use.


Globexplore Drilling prohibits all offers, incentives, promises, or monetary payments to secure an advantage or benefit with clients or suppliers. Likewise, the promotion of bribery to government institutions to expedite procedures will not be endorsed. Employees are prohibited from receiving in-kind or monetary favors in Exchange for promoting a colleague, ensuring transactions, or facilitating the operation of illegal businesses, whether with suppliers or other external entities. It is crucial to understand that Globexplore Drilling prohibits and penalizes any form of behavior related to bribery and corruption.


Employees of this company are expected to consistently act with honesty, integrity, responsibility, and respect, refraining from using their position within the company to directly favor contractors, suppliers, clients, or any external entities. While under a contractual relationship, employees are not permitted to work for or have a direct or indirect employment relationship with other companies or competitors. Unless authorized by senior management, direct family members cannot be hired to work within the same departments where one reports hierarchically to another.


First-degree relatives (parents, children, siblings) are not hired within the company for managerial or executive positions unless they are assigned to different departments and have the authorization of the Management. Relatives of employees hired for operational roles may not be dependent on one another or belong to the same department except with approval from Management. Even during the job interview, the Human Resources department must inquire to determine if the applicant has any relatives in the company. Employees should not involve themselves in matters where there is a personal interest, meaning they stand to gain benefits for themselves, their direct or indirect family members, or friends.


The Ethics Committee will be responsible for addressing any conflict of interest situations, determining how to manage the situation, and drafting a proposal for presentation to Management to ensure appropriate follow-up.


An employee encountering a conflict of interest must notify the Ethics Committee for support and analysis of the situation. This report will be submitted via email, suggestion/complaint boxes, or by discussing it with their Immediate Supervisor or a member of the Ethics Committee.


All staff members are responsible for confidentially safeguarding company information, using it only for necessary work-related purposes. It is strictly forbidden to disclose, by any means, confidential information about personnel, clients, suppliers, or the company to third parties, both during and after their employment contract. The company provides privacy notices for using information and confidentiality agreements for handling information related to our personnel and third parties, such as clients and suppliers.


We fully comply with obligations and commitments that ensure fair distribution of remuneration. We undertake administrative actions accurately, transparently, promptly, and in accordance with the actual financial situation of the company, informing stakeholders, shareholders, and executives of relevant aspects.


PGlobexplore Drilling ensures that clients always receive fair, clear, respectful, and cordial treatment. We responsibly fulfill each of the agreed-upon contracts, which are regularly reviewed to ensure compliance with contracting principles. We ethically evaluate and promptly manage any changes that could have a negative impact on these contracts, providing all information to clients in a clear and transparent manner.


We place a high value on fair competition during the evaluation process for procurement based on quotations. All proposals are comprehensively reviewed, considering the three fundamental aspects of purchasing. We are committed to establishing equitable, enduring, and just business relationships without discrimination or impositions. Companies wishing to provide services, supplies, or contracting services to Globexplore Drilling must align with relevant policies, codes, regulations, and norms from our company and authorities. This includes ensuring that no child labor is associated with their services or products and that they actively promote the prevention and eradication of such labor. Suppliers must also declare their respect for the universal human rights established by the United Nations; otherwise, they cannot be part of our supplier group. Offering gifts, bribes, or other incentives to our personnel indicating a preference for a particular supplier is prohibited. Only souvenirs representing brands can be received. Suppliers must neither practice nor tolerate any form of corruption or misappropriation with our company, and they must protect the information provided by the company from inappropriate use for commercial purposes. Suppliers and contractors must ensure that their corporate conduct policies are at least as strict as the principles outlined here.


Globexplore Drilling operates within the framework of legality, fulfilling fiscal obligations and applicable regulations at the local, state, and federal levels. We also adhere to policies, regulations, and procedures established internally and by our clients, which are directly or indirectly aligned with those issued by authorities. Any attempt of corruption or bribery by authorities towards our employees will be promptly reported to the relevant authorities.


We engage in honest market practices, competing fairly with other companies in the sector. We participate, like others, in invitations from clients to participate in mining exploration projects using drilling services. We also participate in forums and exhibitions where we openly present our services, welcoming inquiries about our operations from clients, suppliers, the general public, and competitors. We always respect our competitors; no employee is allowed to defame any company. We also oppose economic dumping and pricing lower than market cost. As an ethical and legal business, we promote fair and honest competition.


Globexplore Drilling promotes and contributes to the economic, social, and environmental development of our communities. We also offer employment opportunities and strive to contribute to local economic diversification within the bounds of legality. We implement responsible practices to achieve the development of a sustainable community. Actions and programs are implemented to protect the environment, including strengthening environmental education in our communities to prevent and reduce environmental impacts and ensure the preservation of natural resources for future generations.



• Maintain a safe posture.
Always avoid or report unsafe conditions or actions.

• Protect yourself from moving parts.
Keep hands and feet away from moving or potentially moving parts, and avoid wearing loose clothing.

• Working at heights.
Mandatory use of safety harnesses for work above 1.80 meters.

• Lifting Loads.
Never stand or walk under a suspended load.

• Safe Operation.
Only authorized personnel may operate vehicles, following safe driving practices and respecting traffic signs.

• Use only well-maintained equipment.
Verify that equipment and tools are in optimal condition before use, using the appropriate checklist at the start of each shift.

• Proper use of machinery and equipment.
Only trained personnel may operate drilling equipment.

• Alcohol and drug-free
Possession and use of drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited at any project or company facility.

• Environmental care
Sound environmental practices are fundamental to our operations.

Globexplore Drilling is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment while respecting and caring for the surroundings where we operate to prevent harm.

All administrative or operational staff are responsible for respecting established rules, adhering to safety policies and procedures at all times, and promoting a zero-tolerance approach to prevent accidents or injuries to themselves or their colleagues due to improper work performance. Additionally, the work area must be kept clean and orderly.
Any immediate threats or unsafe conduct, practices, or conditions that could pose a risk to health and safety must be promptly reported to the Safety Supervisor or immediate supervisor.


We must be conscious and rational in using water, electricity, office supplies, and consumables. We should suggest initiatives that lead to savings or improvements in working conditions for our well-being, our colleagues, and the company’s benefit. Any potential environmental risks should be promptly reported to the immediate supervisor and the Health and Safety Department to prevent, control, or mitigate environmental impacts. We expect our suppliers to provide environmentally friendly services or products. Criteria for material procurement are based on the reduction of environmental impact through the use of biodegradable materials.


All staff working for Globexplore Drilling carry the company’s values and must maintain dialogue with our communities, respecting human rights, traditions, and beliefs. We promote actions such as job creation, using local suppliers, environmental education, and participation with local organizations and universities, supporting appropriate initiatives that contribute to social, environmental, and economic development in the communities.


Everyone at Globexplore Drilling is responsible for safeguarding company assets. Using or disposing of company funds, resources, or properties is prohibited for personal benefit. Nor may one use their position within the company to harm a colleague unjustly.


All staff are responsible for protecting tools, equipment, and materials provided for their work from loss, damage, or theft.


The information that employees have access to should be handled responsibly, refraining from any unlawful use or action against the company. Much of the information, equipment, or machinery is protected by intellectual property rights, so no individual can appropriate the ideas, initiatives, or work performed by their colleagues for their benefit or that of third parties while working at Globexplore Drilling. While on working hours, personnel should not use their time for personal matters or distractions nor engage in political or religious proselytizing.


The company establishes confidential communication channels, following an appropriate process for tracking and addressing both positive and constructive feedback. Data protection mechanisms are implemented for individuals who report breaches of the Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Any individual who believes there has been a violation of this document should report it to the Ethics Committee through the following channels:
• Suggestions box.
• Email:
• Phone: (662) 215-32-67
• Talking to their immediate supervisor or a member of the Ethics Committee.

The Ethics Committee will assess the situation following the guidelines outlined in this Document and the Company’s Work Regulations.