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Diamond core drilling

Designed by drillers for drillers, our standardized fleet of diamond core rigs offer top of class power to advance through challenging ground and reach targets as deep as 2,500 meters. Yet they are compact enough to fit in a drill pad size as small as 4x8 meters. Our state of the art, hydraulic rig fleet safely delivers higher production rates than older mechanical style drills commonly found in the industry. We provide exceptional results with our Survey, Directional and Oriented Core services. We offer underground, track, truck, skid, helicopter and man portable platforms that best meet the needs of our clients.

PQ depths to 800 meters.

HQ depths to 1,600 meters

NQ depths to 2,000 meters

BQ depths to 2,500 meters

"I would highly recommend Globexplore for any geotechnical or exploration Project, the diamond core program is preforming exceptionally well."

"I recongnize all the efforts Globexplore has made to meet our requirements. Contracting a qualified service provider such as Globexplore has been a successful decision taken by our company."

“With depths to 1,400 meters... Globexplore reached targets that previous contractors could not with very high productivity up to 2,000 meters per rig per month. We can highly recommend Globexplore Drilling.”

"We were very impressed with the performance and since then we have used Globexplore exclusively."

“We had gone through several drilling companies over the years and Globexplore has proven itself to our company due to the excellent service we received. We plan future drilling as one of our preferred contractors.”

Reverse circulation drilling

Our High Tech Reverse Circulation fleet offers some of the smallest footprints in the industry, requiring a pad size as small as 6x8 meters which is less than half the 20x20 meter size more commonly required. This reduces the costs and environmental impact of larger road and pad construction. Our newly designed drills offer the same high power production capacity of rigs twice their size with depths of 420 meters. They are equipped with a host of modern technology features, such as automated rod loaders, break outs and remote control operations that help increase sample production while reducing the most common causes of injury. Self propelled by Track or Buggy either rig can turn complete circles within its own footprint or move laterally aiding in quicker moves between holes and greater access to tighter more remote locations. Our rigs tow their own remote, high output air compressors that can be run up to 150 meters from the rig which further increases the clients flexibility of drill targets. Our RC rigs are ideal for Infill, Double Wall R.A.B, Mine Services and Underground drilling.rs.

"The drill meterage rates were above industry average while their prices & invoicing was always fair & clear. Very profesional in all situations."

"The drill meterage rates were above industry average while their prices & invoicing was always fair & clear. Very profesional in all situations."

"Globexplore runs a very efficient & professional organization... versatile rigs, quality team & excellent rates."

"Both shifts working at the site were very experienced: this was apparent in their attention to detail regarding safety and sample recovery."

"Their machines and crews are excellent. Core recovery is usually 100%. They are a very professinal group, with very competitive prices."

OnSite Mineralogy and Geochemistry



In 2016 Globexplore created Geosite, which is an industry first; that offers our clients on-site Mineralogy and Geochemistry using X-Ray Fluorescence and Hyperspectral technologies at the drill rig or core shack. This innovative breakthrough essentially provides our clients with an onsite lab showing real time analytics with objective and consistent logging of drill core and RC rock chip samples. This allows exploration and production teams to make quicker decisions while maximizing their budgets and accuracy of their drill programs.

  • Is the analitycal division of GlobeXplore.
  • On-Site analysis of Mineralogy and Geochemistry.
  • Results available with Intellicore via web service platform.
  • Mineralogy by Hyperespectral analysis of TERRACORE.
  • Geochemistry by X-Ray florescence (HHXRF) of OXFORD Instruments.
  • Core Logging via web service platform.


  • By Hyperespectral analysis.
  • On-Site processing immediatly after Core and RC sample.
  • Static administration of correlation values between mineralogy and geochemistry in one single platform Intellicore™.
  • Intellicore™ provides static administration of the correlation values between mineralogy and geochemistry in one single platform.
  • imple data transfer to GIS´s of drilling information plus Mineralogy and Geochemistry for 3D mapping volumetric and dimensional value quantifications.


  • By X-Ray Fluorescence.
  • Qualitative and Quantitative.
  • Sample homogenization at site for laboratory results comparison.
  • Elemental analysis from Mg to U (from light to heavy elements).
  • Results expressed in gr/ton and/or %.
  • Exportable data to GIS´s and Intellicore™.

Why Choose Us

Our strong reputation speaks for itself with over 40 letters of recommendation from clients like you.

Vision Statement

We have become the most valued and respected drilling company through industry leading quality, performance & integrity

Commitment To Our Clients

Globexplore is a customer focused, technology driven mineral exploration drilling contractor devoted to top of class drilling methods and techniques that only years of experience can achieve. Every day we strive to be the industry leader by providing the highest rate of performance, professionalism, safety and environmental responsibility. We achieve this with modern equipment and by attracting and retaining the most competent team in the industry: each of who are dedicated to our core values of exceeding our clients goals and expectations. Our simple guarantee is that our clients will not be disappointed with our service. This goal drives our performance every day and we do not commit to a new contract unless we are sure we can perform within our highest standards. It is not our ambition to be the biggest- but it is to be the best. Thankfully, clients we have serviced tell us we are meeting these objectives and we encourage your team to briefly explore why Globexplore is your best option.

Human Resources

Attracting, retaining and motivating the most talented team in the industry is one of our greatest strengths and is a major reason for our success. We are constantly training, improving, monitoring and purging to make sure we are left with the best of the best. We achieve this with higher than average compensation packages that are layered with bonus programs based on a combination of safety performance, innovation and high productivity. We have developed a culture of constant improvement that motivates our team to work with quality, pride and attention to detail as if we are all owners of the company. In fact the owners are directly involved with every project, every day. They are not in a board room in another country. The clients goals are not delegated to a country manager- instead the owners are constantly rotating from project to project making sure our clients goals are met at every level above and below the surface. Each of us enjoys a respectful, high quality work environment where we are proud to wear the Globexplore brand on our chest. In return we operate with the core value that our clients goals are always the top priority and the reason for our success.

Health, Safety & Environmental Responsibility

There is no profit more important than the health and safety of a human life or our responsibility to the environment. Upon visiting our job sites or interviewing our clients it becomes crystal clear how consistently dedicated we are to this serious aspect of our work. From 100% alcohol and drug free camps, including off hours, to emergency response and first aid training, to environmental drill pad restoration; We follow strict guidelines and procedures that are standardized for consistency which have won several accolades from the most demanding Mining companies in the industry.

Community Relationships

Globexplore understands that earning the respect within the local communities where we work is crucial to both our success and more importantly- to the success of our clients. Often small towns and ranches do not differentiate a drilling company’s employees from a mining company’s and we are all one in their eyes. Therefore it is important that our actions as their guests are positive, considerate, helpful and appropriate. This includes environmental cleanliness and simple courtesies at the local gas station, motel or machine shop. Drilling a water well, driving slowly, keeping dust down and closing rancher’s gates all helps to build trust and friendships that contribute to our clients goals of goodwill within the local community.

Leading with technology and innovation

80% of our fleet is younger than 5 years and every rig is completely updated on a yearly basis. Besides running what we believe to be the most modern drill fleet available; we have created a custom software system we call the Globexplore Management System. By reducing the risk of human error with automation, this extensive and comprehensive software platform has brought incredible efficiencies to every aspect of our operations that ultimately provides our clients with higher rates of production, accuracy and safety while reducing costs. Using smartphones, tablets and laptops it captures real-time data throughout our entire operations which produces accurate real time information such as; Which driller is the most efficient? Are we on schedule to meet our clients target completion dates? Are all employees up to date with their safety training and drug testing? The system alerts us when a driver exceeds the speed limit. When a driller is experiencing challenging ground conditions.It ensures all preventative maintenance procedures are performed. It automatically maintains our min max inventory levels. It generates accurate daily drill logs and invoices for the client to review along with countless other functions that brings accurate consistency, speed and value to our clients.

Solid reputation and Client recommendation

We believe this is our strongest asset and the area where any Exploration or Mining company searching for a drilling contractor should pay the most attention… Every client we have ever worked for would hire us again and recommend our service! To us- this simple but factual statement says it all and ultimately separates us from the rest. Any company can present a strong case for their services with words and marketing. But not every company has the proven track record strong enough that they can back up with positive written testimonials from clients like you. Please visit globexploredrilling.com to view over 35 positive letters of our performance that we have earned from many of the most respected mining and exploration companies in our industry.

Strong supply chain & infrastructure

Maintaining efficient logistics and support systems is crucial to any successful drill campaign. We are proudly supported by what we believe to be the most efficient infrastructure of any drilling contractor in Mexico. Centrally located in Hermosillo, Sonora our Headquarters contains a high tech office, training facility, mechanics shop and distribution center that operates 24/7. In addition we operate five well stocked satellite facilities located in each major mining region in Mexico. Each drill site is fully stocked with all the necessary drill parts plus all the preventive maintenance and replacement parts as recommended by our equipment manufacturers. Each rig has a professionally trained mechanics dedicated to minimizing down time for our clients. Ultimately we are only as strong as our suppliers and we maintain healthy supplier relationships by treating them as well as we treat our clients. With zero long term debt and cash positive, we pay our vendors on time to receive their highest quality services on time. With a solid financial position we are always ready to invest towards achieving our clients needs.

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Client Testimonials

The proof of our consistent track record with over 40 positive letters of recommendations of our performance.

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